About Us

Welcome to The Scottsdale Living! Think of us as your personal, always-on-hand, Scottsdale-sidekick. Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, we’re here to make your Scottsdale experience a total breeze. We’ve got the scoop on everything from drool-worthy restaurants, to fun places to go, and must-see events. And that’s not all – our platform is a one-stop-shop for all things Scottsdale, complete with curated guides, an extensive business directory and the most comprehensive event calendar you’ve ever seen. We’re committed to keeping you in the loop of everything Scottsdale has to offer, ensuring you never miss out on the fun! We’re thrilled to bring our community together and are excited for you to explore and share the best of Scottsdale with us!

How It Started:

John Doering was not just successful in his realtor business; he was actively cultivating a sense of community with the Scottsdale Living Facebook group. With over 49,000 active members, this group became the heart of Scottsdale, with locals sharing their top recommendations. Alongside Amber Enright, John also introduced the SL Business Edition. This venture became a networking hub for over 1,500 industry leaders, featuring bi-monthly workshops, social networking events, and a podcast channel.

Enter Sarah Mendenhall, a gem from the online media industry. Known both professionally and socially as the go-to person for all things fun, Sarah had an unparalleled ability to uncover new eateries, stay updated on events, and design unforgettable outings. Her reputation as a trusted social coordinator was unmatched. She felt Scottsdale needed a unified platform where everyone could effortlessly discover the fun side of the city.

Seeing the immense potential in John’s thriving community, Sarah envisioned combining her media prowess with his expansive network. The outcome? The birth of The Scottsdale Living online magazine—a unique platform offering handpicked guides based on community recommendations and an exhaustive business directory. To further our commitment, we present the ultimate events calendar, merging all local calendars into one complete guide.

We’ve crafted this platform to connect our dynamic community and to streamline your Scottsdale journey. Let’s celebrate, explore, and share the very best of Scottsdale together!

Meet The Founders:

John Doering

Scottsdale Living Founder,                        Business Edition Co-Founder

Scottsdale Living Founder,            Business Edition Co-Founder

Sarah Mendenhall editor of The Scottsdale Living

Sarah Mendenhall

Editor & Co-Founder,                                                Scottsdale Living Publication

Editor & Co-Founder                        Scottsdale Living Publication

Amber Enright

Women’s Edition, Founder  Business Edition, Co-Founder

Women’s Edition, Founder        Business Edition, Co-Founder

Community Moderators:

Carin Crain Whitehurst Community Admin & Women’s Edition Moderator

Sarah Mitchell Community Admin

Brook Choulet Community Admin & Business Edition Moderator

April Sherrill Community & Business Edition Moderator

Jenna Karwoski Women’s Edition Moderator

Hannah Beth Community & Women’s Edition Moderator

Pam Vale Branch Women’s Edition Moderator

Steve Branch Moderator