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The proposal has been accepted, the ceremonies are planned. Everything is coming together for the day when two families become one. Before the vows can be taken and the wedded bliss begins, there’s one more event that, for a vast majority of soon-to-be married brides, simply cannot be ignored. It’s called many things all over the world: Hen nights, sometimes a Doe party; South Africa apparently calls it Kitchen Tea. Here in America, it’s simply the Bachelorette party.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into a typical bachelorette bash, but one of the biggest – and potentially most important – decisions is the destination. For many, that might simply be the local area, wherever that may be. Travel can absolutely be a minefield to plan out. For others, only a specific place will do for those bridesmaids looking to give their bride the best “fairwell to maiden days.” Las Vegas continues to be a fairly common answer to the question of where to hold a bachelorette party or weekend. Believe it or not, it’s no longer the number 1 destination for brides to be and their flock. That honor belongs to Nashville as of the writing of this article. For how long remains to be seen, as a slightly unexpected contender has been steadily growing to challenge the “Athens of the South.”

In the last few years, Scottsdale made a name for itself as the premier destination for all things bachelorette. According to information on Bach, an app used for planning and booking bachelorette parties, Scottsdale booked more than 3,600 pre-wedding parties in 2021 and more than 11,600 in 2022. In fact, Scottsdale is now the number 2 destination in the entire United States for soon to be brides, and Nashville may soon have a fight on its hands to keep that number 1 spot if Scottsdales party numbers continue to grow.

According to the 2023 Visitor Study, provided by Karen Churchard Director of Tourism and Events for the City of Scottsdale, we hosted 4.8 million domestic visitors and a further 1.2 million international. The study doesn’t break down these visitors into the reason for their visit, such as for a bachelorette party, but that astounding number shows just how popular Scottsdale has become as a destination. However, the study does list “attending a celebration” as the number 3 activity and/or experience for visitors.

Total spending from domestic tourists in Scottsdale last year was $1.8 billion. Roughly $311 per person for an entire overnight trip, or $71 per person per day trip. According to Travellers Worldwide, the average cost of a four day trip for two to Las Vegas runs around $2500. And Trip Numbers averages around $215.30 per day for a two person visit to Nashville.

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It’s no surprise that more and more girls choose the “West’s Most Western Town” when doing their bachelorette party planning. Scottsdale, and Arizona as a whole, has a plethora of options when it comes to creating the most memorable weekend for any makeup of girl group. The weather in Scottsdale stays warmer throughout the year, too. So, while other parts of the country might be too frigid to visit if the wedding theme is “Winter Wonderland,” Arizona allows for a bachelorette party weekend in Scottsdale where girls can still enjoy the same outdoor activities in November as they could in June.

Feel like hitting the clubs and going hard on the party scene? Scottsdale offers a staggering variety of nightlife spots, with themes ranging from western to modern chique to 50s throwback. And if you can’t decide, Arizona Party Bike has you covered with a pub crawl and tour of Old Town Scottsdale experience that’s been voted the number 4 activity in the country by TripAdvisor. And many places, like the European-inspired Brat Haus, provide Bachelorette party packages in Scottsdale while so that you can experience everything the city can provide in terms of nightlife for bachelorette parties.

Another reason more and more almost brides choose Scottsdale is the accommodations. Hotels and resorts abound in the Phoenix Valley, many of which put visitors smack in the middle of all the hottest places to go. On top of that, short term rental options, like AirBnB, are skyrocketing, allowing bachelorettes to take over an entire house for a weekend. According to the Visitor Study from before, 960,000 guests stayed in places other than hotels or motels. These STR’s give guests the freedom to set up a mini bachelorette HQ from which to explore everything Scottsdale and beyond. Or maybe they just want to have a nice, mellow, relaxing time, chilling by the pool with service from one of the local cabana boy options. And STR owners go to great lengths to make sure they stay on the neighborhood’s good side, installing noise detectors and other measures to be absolutely certain that the festivities never get out of hand.

The sheer number of ways a group can enjoy the area may seem daunting. Don’t fret, however. Because when it comes to Scottsdale party planning services, Girl About Town and Scottsdale Bachelorette have it covered. These Scottsdale party planning services provide packaging of all kinds. From hotel and AirBnB decoration, to building unique and exciting Scottsdale bachelorette party itineraries detailing activities for the whole trip, to connecting groups directly with the businesses that offer the packages mentioned above. GAT and Scottsdale Bachelorette work with groups every step of the way to ensure that the celebration before the trip down the aisle is as memorable as possible.

There are so many reasons to pick Scottsdale for a bachelorette party. But don’t just take my word for it.

Meghan Alfonso, Founder and CEO of Girl About Town, said, “I really think Scottsdale is able to hit every single target audience. We have golf courses, we have pools, the houses they can rent are big enough where their whole group can stay in a home. They theme their houses to really cater to the Bachelorette parties. And I think that the Bachelorettes really appreciate that because they’re being noticed. We have a lot to offer people that I think people are starting to see it and recognize it and want to come here and visit our desert city.”

“We did our own survey about bachelorette parties a couple of years ago,” said Robert Mayer, President of Arizona Party Bike. “And Scottsdale has pool parties and luxury spas and cheap Airbnb’s that have pools that can fit large groups. It’s got a great bar scene and nightclub scene, also without being too pricey. So I think that’s all a huge part of it that was seen in the surveys. Second, I think is also the weather because a lot of the feeder markets for bachelorette parties are like big cities from up north. And we’re warm when they’re cold. So it’s just a great destination, a great place to go.”

Whether because Scottsdale is increasingly becoming the most affordable option, or because that affordability encompasses such a wide range of activities from outdoor adventures to nightlife to shopping, or even because Arizona offers an extended season of opportunity, one thing is for certain. The bachelorette scene is here to stay in Scottsdale. And The Scottsdale Living is here with our bachelorette party guide to give anyone thinking of coming here the definitive Scottsdale experience.

Feature article provided by The Scottsdale Living – Thomas France. 

Thomas is a Lifestyle Reporter and Content Creator for Scottsdale Living.

Thomas France from the Scottsdale Living

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