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Scottsdale's Best Bachelorette Party Vacation Rentals

You walk in the front door, and your eyes take in what can only be described as a desert oasis fit for a queen. An entire wall of greenery with colorful furniture in front, a spacious bar in the kitchen (fully stocked fridge of course), a wide open area to get ready in – complete with a long row of makeup stations. Multiple bedrooms allow for the entire bridal party comfortable, if not ample, room to spend the weekend. And outside, a well curated patio gives groups the option of pool, hot tub, lawn games, or just chilling on the outdoor furniture. This is the description of just one of the many short term rental properties catering to the growing bachelorette scene in Scottsdale and the surrounding Valley area.

As mentioned in our main Scottsdale Bachelorette party guide, the city has become the 2nd most popular destination for Brides-to-be to throw their pre-wedding bash. But with so many bachelorettes and their squads coming in from all over the country, where’s the best place to set up your “home base” while exploring everything Scottsdale? One possibility that many groups choose is short term rentals, like the one I just described, through apps like the ever popular AirBnB.

I spoke with a few property owners and managers about their experiences as the best bachelorette venues in Scottsdale, and I came away impressed with the high caliber of offerings. The house above is The Logan, one of two properties owned and managed by Kara Knaub. She told me that both of her properties were designed so that all the little things are out of the way in advance.

“It’s so great I’m just gonna grab the wine but you didn’t think, ‘Oh, I didn’t have to take an extra 10 steps,’” Knaub said. “I thought of that for you.” And it’s not just the efficient placing of wine fridges. The Master Bath leads out directly to the backyard, so that trips to and from the pool are as convenient as possible. Convenience is Key seems to be the name of the game when it comes to AirBnB’s for Bachelorette groups.

That and photo ops. Everything around the Logan feels perfect for a backdrop, from the neon signs to a silver, tattooed mannequin all the way down to the wall of rubber duckies. The property manager of Getaways by Chantelle, Andrew Felger, said they have a similar thought process when attracting girl getaways. He told me, “They’re designed pink and fun and cute and full of selfie walls. Our goal with anything that’s orientated towards Bachelorette parties is it’s Instagram worthy. So lots of places to take pictures and document your whole trip with aesthetic backgrounds.”

As the draw of Bachelorette groups continues to grow in Scottsdale, residents grow equally concerned about raucous parties being thrown in their neighborhoods. But the owners I spoke to said they work hard to make sure their guests are respectful of the surrounding area. Felger said, “There’s a lot of things that short-term rental hosts can do to prevent parties. I think one of them is requiring longer stays. Our only mishaps happened in the very beginning when it was only a one night minimum.” They’ve since changed to a three night system that Felger says really cut down on groups who only intend to throw house parties. Other pieces of advice included strong communication with guests, noise monitors, and guest limits.

Knaub has a system of vetting the girls that stay in her properties. The first time a girl messages to say that they are coming in for a Bachelorette get together, she lays down the ground rules. These include noise detectors (specifically at night), cameras to ensure rules are being adhered to, and a full count of guests – all of whom must be adults. According to Knaub, anyone who doesn’t agree to these rules will not receive the code to the house. Sounds strict, until I asked how many incidents she’s had with guests or neighbors.

“100% we don’t,” she said.

The key, according to everyone I’ve talked to, is hands on management. They make a conscious effort to maintain a great reputation, both as a place to stay and with the local community where they do business. Felger mentioned that they keep communication lines open with all their neighbors to address potential concerns before they become problems, saying, “We introduce ourselves, we give them our phone number and we’re like, if anything ever goes wrong or they’re being obnoxious, call us… I think it keeps the neighbors feeling a lot better about the short-term rental in general, just having access to us.” 

Hands on doesn’t just mean keeping a handle on potentially bad behavior though. These owners want to make sure that visiting Bachelorettes have the absolute best time possible during their time here. Think of it like a Scottsdale Bachelorette Concierge who has contacts all around the city. The properties themselves may not offer packages, but they can certainly get their guests in touch with the places that do. Many of them work with places such as Girl About Town or Scottsdale Bachelorette, party planning businesses that set up Bachelorette party packages in Scottsdale. Ever wanted a guy or two or more to be your butler for a few hours, pouring champagne while you lounge with your bridesmaids in or around the pool? Maybe you don’t care for night clubs and instead want to relax at home with a private chef making a fabulous meal for the group. Or take a ride on the Arizona Party Bike for an experience that includes a tour of Old Town Scottsdale, exercise, and drinking.

But aside from the access to Scottsdale party planning services, what is it about renting an AirBnB or other Short Term Rental property that makes it the perfect place to stage a Bachelorette takeover of The West’s Most Western Town? For one, intimacy. There’s no worry about having a stranger in a room directly next to yours that you might risk bothering by staying up late enjoying this pre-wedding hurrah. And since most short term rental properties have rules on how many people can stay in the house, you can be sure that it’s just you and your bridal squad having the time of your lives.

Another big plus is the owners themselves. Knaub mentioned before how she tries to think of everything a bachelorette group might need before they have to think of it. Other owners like Felger and his business partner, Chantelle Hooten, say similar things. They invest in everything a group might need there in the house, so that they need not stop the festivities to get something, be it food related or entertainment or anywhere in between.

“We want there to be lots of things to do for you at the house,” Felger said. “We have tons of games like ‘What Do You Meme’ and ‘Cards Against Humanity’ that people love. Party group games. We have lots of photo backdrops which people love to take photos and content. A pool is almost a requirement. And outdoor dining, outdoor games. We have putt-putt golf at one of our houses. We have fire pits. One of them, we have a giant projector screen and like three twin beds put together. So it’s like a little couch slash lounge area.”

But perhaps the best advantage of a short term rental is the personal attention from the owners, not just for setting up Bachelorette party activities in Scottsdale. They are available typically around the clock to address any and all needs that might come up during a stay. I think Knaub put it best.

“I think our attention to detail and I think our hospitality is top-notch. When you are messaging through the app, you are messaging me. My phone is attached to me 24-7. It is something that is highly important to me that these girls, the second they need something that it’s answered, it can be found, it can be fixed, it can be dealt with.”

Feature provided by – Thomas France

Thomas is a contract Lifestyle/Multi-media Reporter for The Scottsdale Living. He is currently a Senior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University

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