Concerts & Shows

Guide To Shows & Concerts Around Scottsdale

Ready to vibe, Scottsdale style? This guide tunes you into the hottest concerts, showcases iconic venues, shines a light on theaters and cinemas, and highlights the must-attend annual events. Let the curtain rise on your next unforgettable night out!

Upcoming Shows & Concerts

Plug into our events calendar, your go-to for all the sizzling concerts and must-see shows around town. Mark your calendars; these are dates you won’t want to miss!

Concert Venues Around The Valley

From cozy corners with acoustic vibes to grand stages that have seen legends, this section shines the spotlight on Scottsdale’s premier concert venues. Discover where the music comes alive!

Theaters & Cinemas In Scottsdale

Craving cinematic masterpieces or live theater drama? Dive into our list of theaters and cinemas that offer more than just popcorn – it’s where stories come to life!

Scottsdale Festivals & Annual Events

Every year, Scottsdale bursts with events that locals and visitors alike eagerly await. From mesmerizing music festivals to captivating cultural events, get the lowdown on the annual happenings that define our city’s vibrant pulse.

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