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PYRO Restaurant Phoenix From The Scottsdale Living
Photo via PYRO

Feast your eyes (and stomachs) on the newest restaurant on the block. PYRO, a Japanese-American inspired restaurant, recently opened its doors, ready to serve high-quality food, drinks, and desserts. Visit this upscale bistro, with an ambiance loosely inspired by mid-century Japanese casinos, and immerse yourself in a new and fresh experience of dining that features open, live-fire cooking.

PYRO is led by Owner Nick Hogan and Flagship Restaurant Group, who have brought some of the most loved restaurant concepts to Phoenix, like Palma, Cham Pang Lanes, and Ghost Donkey.

This newest concept differs from the previous through its polar opposite attitude and charm. Where the Downtown Phoenix establishments are perfect for drinks and weekend outings with friends, PYRO has an intimate, celebratory vibe and invites guests to escape to a different time and place, away from their everyday dining.

PYRO Restaurant Phoenix From The Scottsdale Living
Photo via PYRO

The space is ornate and sophisticated and was designed to fit in the surrounding neighborhood of restaurants and businesses. PYRO falls into a new dining category, culminating ideas and memories from the owner’s travels in Japan. It is not solely Japanese or American cuisine; instead, it is a harmonious fusion between the two.

The pyromaniacs behind the food and drink menus included influences from both cuisines and personal food passions so guests could be introduced to familiar foods and flavors imaginatively.

Favorites from the Share Plates section include Yellowtail Sashimi, Fluke Crudo, Beef Tartare, and Short Rib Skewers.

The Yellowtail Sashimi is fresh and robust in flavor and is topped with an orange and serrano slice, pickled ginger, and cilantro. The Fluke Crudo has flavors of smoked chili, nori, and black lime sprinkled with flaky fleur de sel.

Beef Tartare sits on top of tallow toast with a dollop of tamari aioli garnished with ginger and pickled daikon. The Short Rib Skewers are covered in a ponzu glaze and served with pickled jalapeño.

PYRO serves caviar, a typical delicacy in Japanese cuisine and a unique menu addition that further adds to its concept while implementing the high-end luxury service you receive when dining.

Caviar is served with half oz portions of Japanese vodka to compliment the earthy but silky flavors of the Royal Sturgeon or nutty flavors of the Osetra Sturgeon.

PYRO Restaurant Sashimi Sushi Phoenix From The Scottsdale Living
Photo via PYRO

Moving to the noodles section, whose incorporation into the menu serves as the bridge between share plates and larger dishes from the hearth.

The three offerings are unique, differ from traditional flavors, and are made with housemade noodles. The most popular choice, the Dungeness Crab, is slightly cheesy due to a crème fraîche sauce and has Meyer lemon flavors. It is garnished with chive and smoked trout roe.

PYRO Restaurant Phoenix From The Scottsdale Living
Photo via PYRO

The hearth PYRO utilizes allows chefs to manipulate the fire for roasting, searing, grilling, and smoking dishes. The food served from it has enhanced natural flavors that are both individual and compelling.

The most popular option is the 40-Day Dry-Aged Bone-in Ribeye. The dish is presented with the meat expertly cut from the bone, which sits on display on the plate, pooling with jus to keep the meat juicy and flavorful.

All of the hearth dishes are prominent in taste with various flavor profiles and would pair with any of the sides.

Two standout options are the Wood Roasted Mushrooms, which are earthy with a Japanese umami flavor, and the Embered Sweet Potato, which has chili crunch and a black vinegar gastrique sauce.

As you wrap up your meal, make sure to leave room for dessert. The Japanese Sweet Potato Ice Cream is an uncommon but tasty treat. It is accompanied by black sugar caramel and sweet potato crunch. The Chocolate Hearth Soufflé takes time to prepare, but the rich chocolate taste and passion fruit anglaise make it worth the wait.

Last but not least, the drink menu. Enjoy spirited and non-spirited beverages that introduce Japanese influence to standard American drinks, like the Old Fashioned. The typical drink has a PYRO twist and features a private barrel of Russell’s Reserve 10-Year-Old Bourbon paired with notes of Japanese plum, smoky tea, and citrusy bitters from the sansho plant.

PYRO Restaurant Phoenix From The Scottsdale Living Cocktail
Photo via PYRO

All of the components throughout this restaurant make it a standout choice in the Valley’s food scene. This is a new spot for any local looking for an exciting menu and ambiance that rivals the fantastic dishes.

Review provided by The Scottsdale Living – RipLey Simone Kennebrew. 

RipLey Simone is currently a senior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University

Photos via PYRO

RipLey Simone Kennebrew journalist from The Scottsdale Living

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