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Sedona's Culinary Maestro: How Chef Lisa Dahl Shaped a Foodie's Paradise

Meet Chef Lisa Dahl, Sedona’s culinary star, who’s transformed the city into a haven for food lovers. With over 25 years of experience, Chef Dahl leads six renowned restaurants in Northern Arizona, including the beloved Dahl & Di Luca and the Latin-inspired Mariposa. She’s not only a self-taught chef but also a celebrated cookbook author, with 2 published titles to her name.

Chef Dahl’s journey began with a personal tragedy, which led her to Sedona’s healing environment. Here, she rediscovered her passion for cooking, a bond she shared with her late son Justin, and this passion is evident in each of her dining establishments. Recognized for her contributions to the culinary world, Chef Dahl has received numerous accolades, including being a two-time featured chef at New York’s James Beard House and winning Arizona’s “Top Chef” and “Food Pioneer” awards.

Her culinary expertise ranges from exquisite Italian cuisine to rustic Mediterranean dishes and South American-inspired creations. Chef Dahl’s skill as a grill master is renowned, highlighted by her triumphs in multiple burger battles and an appearance on Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay”.

Chef Dahl’s philosophy centers around cooking with love, using only the finest ingredients, and maintaining strong connections with local organic growers. Her restaurants, visited by nearly 400,000 guests annually, continue to earn prestigious recognition, including consecutive Wine Spectator awards.

Apart from her culinary talents, Dahl also excels in interior design, bringing unique aesthetics to each of her restaurants. With her restaurants gaining national fame, including features in top media outlets, and plans for expansion, Chef Dahl’s influence on Sedona’s food scene is undeniable and continuously evolving.

Chef Dahl's Sedona Restaurants:

For over 25 years, Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano has been a beacon of Italian culinary excellence in Sedona, winning awards and acclaim. The essence of Chef Dahl’s expertise shines in every dish, from heavenly pastas and sumptuous vegetable creations to exceptional Italian seafood specialties. The restaurant’s Wine Spectator Award-winning wine collection, soothing live jazz, and charming garden patio offer a romantic dining ambiance like no other. And for a truly unforgettable finish, be sure to try the Sogno Cioccolato, a dessert that’s a delight for any visitor.

dahl & diluca italian restaurant sedona on the scottsdale living
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Mariposa, renowned for its South American-inspired cuisine, is a standout in Sedona and a personal favorite of mine. Chef Dahl’s passion for bold flavors and innovative cooking, paired with locally sourced ingredients, culminates in an extraordinary dining experience. The restaurant’s fabulous patio offers breathtaking views of the Red Rocks, enhancing the enjoyment of their exquisite menu. From the seasonal butternut squash soup to the impeccably crafted center-cut filet and succulent cold water lobster tail, every dish I’ve tried has been a culinary delight. It’s a place not just to dine, but to savor and celebrate the flavors of South America.

mariposa latin inspired grill sedona on the scottsdale living
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Cucina Rustica offers a rustic Mediterranean menu in a relaxed, Tuscany-styled setting, bringing authentic fine dining to the heart of Sedona. Under Chef Dahl’s guidance, this restaurant mirrors the traditional values and warm hospitality found in countryside Italian dining. Favorites like traditional authentic pastas, steelhead ocean trout, and Australian rack of lamb chops pair wonderfully with their extensive wine selection. The ambiance, marked by its intimate setting and attentive service, makes it perfect for romantic evenings or memorable dining experiences.

cusina rustica sedona on the scottsdale living
Photo via Dahl Restaurant Group

Pisa Lisa, with its two convenient locations, is a gem in Arizona for its Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizzas, widely recognized among the best in the state. The casual dining atmosphere perfectly complements their high-quality, artisanal pizzas, along with a selection of fresh salads and the much-loved tomato bisque soup. The best part? No reservations are needed to enjoy these delightful and expertly crafted pizzas.

pisa lisa restaurant sedona on the scottsdale living
Photo via Dahl Restaurant Group

Butterfly Burger is the latest addition to Chef Dahl’s culinary ensemble, offering a sophisticated twist on the classic American burger. Set in a chic lounge-style environment, it’s become a trendy destination for both locals and tourists. On my visit, I indulged in the Italian Stallion — a burger with burrata, oven-roasted Campari tomatoes, basil pesto, balsamic reduction, and organic arugula on a gluten-free bun. It was an exquisite blend of flavors, truly elevating the burger experience. This restaurant not only expands the range of Dahl’s offerings but also brings a unique gourmet touch to the burger scene in Sedona.

butterfly burger sedona on the scottsdale living
Photo via Dahl Restaurant Group
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